Pink Fire Pointer Wunderschoenbunt Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Dolls

                         A chain of collectible items will be available in store near you this coming holiday season. The merchandise sporting Justin Bieber's signature will be available in stores on 4th of December. The dolls will also feature Justin Bieber's music video collections that are able to play a half a minute clip, from his songs, 'One less lonely girl' and 'Baby'. Similarly, the dolls are clad in the singer's signature outfit from the same videos, from the leather jacket, green hood, microphone and guitar.
On a much lighter note for those who can not have enough of Bieber dolls in their house, there are other set of dolls dubbed the 'JB Style collection' that are dressed in some of his memorable styles, including the "award style," the "Red carpet style," and the "Justin street style."

For prices, there will be a range depending on the collection that you will choose from. The JB style collection will go for $17.99. On the other hand, the music video collection will be available for $27.99. For both toy lines, they will include a similar sized microphone that will play, among other concert tracks, clips like "One time" and "Somebody to love." This will retail for $14.99. Other available items include plush bears that are clad in hoodies, "Team Bieber" T-shirts and fitted caps. This will be available for $7.99.

For online shoppers, all the toys plus accessories will be available for pre-order at the manufacturer's website and sales will start anytime this week. So, for to all toy lovers, and anyone who has a little girl in their live they would like to do something nice to especially during the festive season, make their days, and more so, their forthcoming festive season one they will want to remember. Spend a little cash and make an impact on their lives.